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Bed Self Portrait

Bed Self Portrait

A gentle stillness found in light at the end day evokes memories of my home, where the world seemed safe and choices were few. In venturing out from that place, somewhat adrift, the power of photography to describe the physical and ethereal world offers me a mooring.  From this place and at the time of day when much of the physical world comes to a resting place, I have made these pictures. The air in them is thick, the moments by contrast not dramatic. They have a nostalgic aura that brings comfort and reassurance.


I am Olivia Talbot, a traditional film and digital photographer, mostly working with medium square format color film and Canon DSLR EOS 50D. I recieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Two-Dimensional Studies, focus in photography from Bowling Green State University in Spring 2013. During my college years I shot senior portraits, weddings, and other freelance projects. I have been living in Cleveland, Ohio for the past year and will be here for another year. I continue to shoot film and hope to have some new work up by the Fall of 2014.

If you would like me to shoot a special event, party, or portrait feel free to contact me.

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